Diablo 3 has launched

Evil has risen – Diablo 3 is live! Blizzard Entertainment today launched Diablo 3; the much anticipated new installment of their award-winning epic RPG saga. This is your call to arms, Demon Hunter.

It is time, fellow Demon Hunters. Make your way back to Tristam and explore the rumors of a fallen star that has struck the Cathedral; an omen that the End of Time is near. Diablo 3, latest release of the prizewinning RPG trilogy by Blizzard, is now available at retail game stores throughout Europa, North and South America and parts of Asia. Diablo 3 is also available digitally as downloadable version from the official Diablo 3 Battle.net website.
With a record 2 million preorders and some 8000 midnight launch events worldwide, Demon Hunters will be descending on Sanctuary seeking to slay the demonic legions of Burning Hells.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Builds and Specs

To guide you on your adventure to seek and destroy the evil of Diablo wherever it may lurk, our speculative Demon Hunter builds have been scrubbed to make room for Demon Hunter builds based purely on Diablo 3 live gameplay.

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